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Grandy Family Medicine (North Carolina)

Leslie was the owner's name and I worked for her for 7 months. I managed Grandy Family Medicine's Medical Billing/Coding and assisted the front desk team in resolving billing and credentialing issues. I was responsible for coordinating, monitoring, and ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the credentialing database system and related applications for third-party payer credentialing of medical staff, consulting physicians, facilities, and allied health professionals. I also compiled and maintained current and accurate data for all providers using CAQH and Well Care applications.

I billed their Medicare, Medicaid, private, and commercial insurance applications, prepared the COVID system, assisted them in enrolling in United Healthcare Insurance, completed provider credentialing and re-credentialing applications, kept copies of all providers' current state licenses, DEA certificates, malpractice coverage, and other necessary credentialing papers, maintained company provider contract files, and created and updated provider details in online credentialing databases and tools.

I created reports on the Medicaid Incentive Program, plan payment ratios, turnover, Accounts Receivable Analysis of both patients and plans, inquiry cases to the US office, return statement analysis, bad address reports, and turnover reports. I also worked on the analysis of billing and payments received from insurance firms, as well as following up with them in cases of underpayment.

Epione Health Group

I worked on their revenue cycle management, assisted them in resolving denied insurance claims, assisted them in manually transferring billing data from one program to another, and assisted them in enrolling in Medicaid.

I worked with Epione Health to manage their revenue cycle management, which included credentialing with Medicaid and other commercial insurance. I also assisted them in transferring data from EZClaims to Kareo software and aligning their tools, such as insurance web portals and software settings, so they could benefit from available tools to save time and money.

E-Med Services (Pvt) Ltd

E-Med Services (Pvt) Ltd operated numerous urgent care facilities throughout the state. I assisted them with insurance applications, appeals, and denials. I also assisted them with credentialing and invoicing, management, analysis, and streamlining of financials for over 15 US doctors following daily data recording using Electronic Practice Management (EPM) software. I kept A/R notes for doctors, practices, and billing clients on a regular basis. I also communicated with doctors, patients, attorneys, and federal agencies in Ohio, USA.

I assisted them with their credentialing requirements and maintained provider data in different systems such as CAQH, PECOS, manual software, Excel sheets, and so on.I wrote Reports on Medicaid Incentive program, plan payment ratios, turnover, Receivable analysis of both patients & plans, query cases to US office, return statement analysis, bad address reports, and turnover reports.I performed billing and payment analysis for insurance firms and followed up with them when payments were reduced.

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